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제목 SOTA / Turntable / SATELLITE Series V

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Utilizing the special characteristics of high density polymers, the Satellite takes the Comet design format and adds tonearm flexibility (using the standard SOTA armboards), a four-point seismic platform with a visco-elastic suspension and SOTA's traditional cabinetry. The multi-layer suspension utilizes a variety of unique energy absorbing materials to provide excellent outside energy rejection. Offering superb fidelity LP playback with a very affordable price, the Satellite may be upgraded all the way to a Nova status.





ㆍRUMBLE   Less than -65db unweighted
ㆍWOW & FLUTTER   Less than .1% RMS
ㆍSUSPENSION   Hanging four point elastic
ㆍPLATTER   Two layers of 3/8" Plexiglas sandwiching energy absorbing dampening materials with interface mat
ㆍMOTOR   A/C synchronous
ㆍBEARING   Polished shaft on hardened chrome steel ball in Turcite® spindle sleeve
ㆍTRANSMISSION   Belt driven
ㆍSPEEDS   33-1/3 and 45 RPM
ㆍWEIGHT   28 lb (38 kg) turntable only
ㆍDIMENSIONS   7-1/2" H (to top of dust cover), 20-1/4" W, 16-1/2" D




SOTA / Turntable / SATELLITE Series V