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제목 Gryphon / Power amplifier / Mephisto

Gryphon / Power amplifier / Mephisto

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As we strive to push back the boundaries of what is possible in home audio, Gryphon Audio Designs occasionally builds highly experimental testbed prototypes. We create these no holds barred components for our own edification as tools in the development and refinement of real-world products.
These rarefied, strictly non-commercial laboratory instruments serve as an absolute reference for the current state of the art. They are take no prisoners exploratory projects, built with scant regard for cost, just as size, weight, appearance, transportability and spousal approval are wholly irrelevant.
The latest of these experiments, designed with no thought for the marketplace and no intention of being offered for sale have been dubbed the Gryphon Pandora preamplifier and the Gryphon Mephisto power amplifier.
They were conceived as a no-compromise, price-no-object design exercise to be the ultimate evaluative tools, to lend new meaning to such terms as resolution, soundstaging, transparency and, especially, musicality.
But, as was the case with the now legendary Gryphon Reference One power amplifier and Poseidon loudspeaker before them, both conceived for a similar higher purpose, history repeats itself, as friends, business partners, audio journalists and other visitors respond with ecstatic enthusiasm to the performance of these components in the Gryphon showroom.
As a consequence of this groundswell of encouragement, Gryphon founder and CEO Flemming E. Rasmussen decided that it would be an appropriate celebration of the twentieth anniversary of the very first Gryphon amplifier to offer our bench tools in a strictly limited edition to the select circle of individuals who share his unwavering obsession with the exploration of the farthest boundaries of music reproduction with no concessions to cost, size, weight and fashion.
The bold lines of the custom made Mephisto heatsink profiles and distinctive sheen of the brushed aluminium housing provide a visual signal of exactly what to expect when the Mephisto is powered up in collaboration with the few audio components in the world that are worthy of its company.
Living up to its heritage as an evaluation tool, the Gryphon Mephisto is revealing with unrivalled surgical precision, yet remains inherently musical and true to the heart and soul of the performance. Without ever losing sight of the subtlest nuances and micro-details, Mephisto maintains a firm grip on coherence, timbre and the overall musical event..





Product features


ㆍPure Class A 2 x 175 Watts (8 Ohm), 2 x 350 W (4 Ohm), 2 x 700W (2 Ohm), continuous RMS

ㆍPure Dual Mono configuration with separate AC power inputs

ㆍZero global negative feedback

ㆍ40 high current bipolar output transistors

ㆍ500,000 microFarad capacitor bank

ㆍDC servo-coupling

ㆍGryphon internal wiring

ㆍOutput coupled via massive copper bussbars

ㆍNo output relays

ㆍDecoupled transformer castings

ㆍMilitary spec. double-sided printed circuit boards

ㆍOptimal circuit layout for shortest possible signal path

ㆍTwo separate Holmgren toroidal transformers with internal magnetic shielding

ㆍSeparate power supplies for amp and digital circuits

ㆍGold-plated Swiss Neutric XLR input sockets

ㆍGold-plated custom-built Gryphon binding posts

ㆍBacklit, touch-sensitive front panel controls

ㆍ12V remote power trigger for automatic turn-on

ㆍAutomatic Green Bias setting or manual Low/Mid/High bias

ㆍNon-invasive protection system

ㆍPower consumption at idle below latest EU requirements

ㆍDesigned and built in Denmark

Gryphon / Power amplifier / Mephisto