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High End Performance SCHUKO Wall Sockets

FT-SWS (R) Rhodium Plated Non-magnetic pure copper conductors and Carbon fiber finished front plate.
An engineering piece of art. The finest high end performace schuko wall socket available.





ㆍHigh Performance SCHUKO Wall Sockets

ㆍType: 2-pole+earth
ㆍRating: 16A 250V A.C.
ㆍα (Alpha) Pure Copper main Conductor (t: 0.5mm)
ㆍMaterial: Nylon/fiberglass body and Poly carbonate cover
ㆍ1.0mm thick Base Bracket with a Zinc/steel brace plate
ㆍCarbon fiber finished Cast Zn-Mg Alloy Front Plate
ㆍSpecified for wire diameters of 2.8mm or 5.5 Sq.mm/10AWG Max. (set screw)
ㆍDimensions: 95.0mm (L) x 95.0mm (W) x 48.0mm(H)


Furutech’s total attention to detail and build quality extends right down to a specially designed


Furutech / Wall Sockets / FT-SWS(R)