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제목 ECLIPSE / Speaker / TD307 II




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Audiophile miniaturization – small, but perfectly formed

ECLIPSE TD speakers bring the technology used by sound engineers and musical artists to the small speaker. Sound theory, award winning design, technical know-how, carefully chosen material and a precision attention to detail go into achieving a highest sound quality - at an affordable price.

Although it is classed as a small speaker system, the TD307II's construction and technology is as superior as our larger models. The driver unit has been developed to achieve better impulse response and a wider frequency range, vibration resistance has been improved to provide better low-frequency response, and it can be mounted in any direction. You'll experience a speaker that's out of its class.




·사용유닛 : 6.5cm 풀레인지
·재생주파수대역 : 100Hz-25kHz
·임피던스 : 8Ω
·출력음압레벨 : 80dB/W/m
·크기(WHD) : 13×19.5×17.6cm
·무게 : 1.5kg


ECLIPSE / Speaker / TD307 II