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30 years ago, president of BRIK, started his own dream doing audio business with different world-class brands in the world.  Inspired by his love of music, doing it until now, he has made a series of BRIK for young people who spend 2/3 of his spare time listening to music.  A fascinated small box to perform a outstanding sound along with cost effective price to young people.


BRIK is completely made in Taiwan, and perfectly fit into PC users who can enjoy best quality music with BRIK.  Most importantly, highly compartible with PC interface, to play, store all kind of music from internet.  A perfect gadget for fun.


About BRIK Audio


With the dream of bringing quality sound to more people, we - a group of music lovers, experienced engineers, and audiophiles, worked together to create BRIK in Year 2010. With modern function, excellent performance, and reasonable price, BRIK is perfect for all of you ?as far as you aim for the best sound!


The concept of BRIK ?


Like playing bricks, you can choose the items you like and build your own customized HiFi System with functions that truly meet your needs.


The feature of BRIK ?


Miniature Dimension -

Each item is only 1.8 times height of One Dollar US Coin.

Wireless Function -

BRIK Bluetooth Stage allows you to send music files from PC, Mobile Phone, iPad, iPhone, etc. and enjoy music right away.

Special Design -

All of us have worked for world class HiFi brands, and so we know how to design the circuit to bring the best performance.

PC Integration -

You can place BRIK in the PC case and make the PC sound better than ever.

Home Decoration -

With sophisticated metal housing, BRIK brings atmosphere to your room.


All BRIK products are proudly manufactured in Taiwan.