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Has your hi-fi dealer ever tried to sell you any standard size power amp together with your smart small speakers? Be surprised by the size of the Lehmannaudio Stamp power amplifier and then be stunned by what you hear.
Small speakers are definitely a trend. And they are getting better all the time. However, anyone who wants to build a stereo setup with those speakers that in some cases can sound far bigger than their size implies is bewildered when the same hi-fi dealer who ballyhoos the great sound of the small speakers in question ends up with recommending a standard size power amp that hardly fits into any cabinet. Inconsequent? Yes it is.
The Stamp is the solution. This audiophile power amp enters the market to show that it is possible to save space and to supply real High End sound at the same time. The unit can be mounted space savingly beneath desktop tables, in or under cabinets or on walls by using the optional mounting kits.
The highly modern switching amplifier has been equipped with only the best parts available. And the overdimensioned linear power supply with a huge magnetically and statically shielded toroidal transformer is included internally allowing a power cable of your choice to be directly connected to the unit. At the size of only 280 x 115 x 42 mm³ the Stamp delivers up to 2 x 20 W at 4 ohms. Speakers with an efficiency of 87 dB and above are perfect partners.
Together with the already highly acclaimed Linear a top notch preamp/poweramp combination is possible. And if your speakers are ready for bi-amping, the Stamp is ready too! Just change from stereo to bi-amping mode by flipping two DIP switches underneath the unit.