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MONK-AUDIO phono preamplifier

An extraordinary preamplifier for enthusiasts of authentic vinyl replay is finally available. Using uncompromising manufacturing processes, a classic circuit design and painstakingly selected components delivers a sublime musical adventure. Now it is possible to enjoy the original sound of your vinyl treasures to the maximum.  

Five built-in fixed equalizing curves will reproduce all of the most important record labels since the 1950s: RIAA, Decca (ffrr), Columbia, EMI, and also the early American long play vinyl records which were cut to the NARTB- or NAB-standard. Universal adjustability was one of the major functional requirements from the start of the design. MONK-AUDIO is proud to present this advanced phono preamplifier, a totally flexible design with uncompromising neutrality.  

Three input sockets, two-stage adjustable gain, useful adjustment for MM cartridges, built-in high quality step-up transformers for MC cartridges, output switchable for mono, stereo and the separate replay of the inner or outer shoulder of the record groove, will make this phono pre amplifier indispensable for the ambitious music listener. 

The phono preamplifier is designed with conventional all discrete circuitry and high quality MC step-up transformers custom-made for MONK-AUDIO. Together with the gold-plated input terminals and components selected from renowned manufacturers, these features guarantee long-term reliable and safe operation. The solid metal case will remain secure and stable, even when all cables are connected.

equalizing curves for Columbia, ffrr (Decca), RIAA, NAB/NARTB (RCA) and EMI 
channel selection stereo, mono, left, right
MC-adjustment for virtually all pickups with extra high quality transformers
two-stage adjustable gain
three inputs
gold-plated RCA sockets
solid metal case
switchable MM impedance: 15 kΩ, 33 kΩ, 47 kΩ, 56 kΩ, 100 kΩ, 220 kΩ
additional MM input capacitance: 47 pF, 100 pF, 150 pF, 220 pF, 470 pF, 820 pF

Gain MM: 38 dB and 48 dB; MC: 60 dB and 70 dB
Frequency response: < 10 Hz ... > 20 kHz, ± 0,2 dB (according to RIAA-curve)
Harmonic distortion: < 0,2 %
Input overload MM: > 70 mV; MC: > 10 mV
Output impedance: < 250 Ω
Noise figure MC (unrated): > 64 dB

Width appr. 8.6", height appr. 3.1", depth appr. 12.2" (220x80x310mm)m weight appr. 6.5 lbs (3 kg)
Various models and colours available upon Request. We are happy to answer your questions.