HD 6000
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Product Infomation  
•Clear highs and punchy bass
•Closed design effectively isolates the ambient noise
•Human engineering design for more comfortable wearing
•Swivel earcup design for convenient single-side monitoring and carrying
•Fashionable outlook design, 2 optional colors (black and coffee)

•Product Type: Dynamic Stereo Headphone
•Driver Diameter: Ф53mm
•Impedance: 60Ω±30%
•Frequency Response: 10Hz ~ 25KHz
•Sensitivity: 100±3dB at 1kHz
•Max. Power: 500mW
•Rated Power: 250mW
•Cable: Ф4mm×1.2mm+4m extension cable
•Connecting Plug: Gold-plated stereo Ф3.5mm+6.3mm
•Net Weight: 320g
•Color: Black/Coffee