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What do you want from a network cable?
You want it to meet or exceed all
specifications, using the best materials construction and superior
high-conductivity connectors as possible for long life, long-run capability.

The Cat-6 LAN-10G network cables are constructed using the same Pure
Transmission principles found in Furutech’s highest specification audio cables;
improve every element and connection in the signal path to create a
maximally-optimized, low-noise pathway for signal to travel.
For reliable,
beautifully engineered and manufactured LAN requirements you just can’t do
better than Furutech LAN 10-G cables! 
• The Furutech LAN 10G Network cable handles frequencies up to 500MHz

Supports 10Gbps applications up to 100-meters maximum
• Main conductor wire:
24 AWG silver-plated α (Alpha) OCC conductor for minimal transmission loss

RJ45 Connector: α (Alpha) nonmagnetic 24k gold-plated conductor with 24k
Gold-plated weak-magnetic copper alloy body
• Superior dual-layer isolation:
AL foil and copper wire braiding
• Jacket: UL/C-UL/CSA-approved
flammability-rated CMR-grade, RoHS-compliant flexible PVC (Dark Blue), OD: 6.5mm
• Production Lengths: 0.6M/1.2M/1.8M/3.6M/5M and other sizes by