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La Grande Epreuve
Grand Prix racing‘s single focus: Testing the absolute
limits of technology and performance for that final 10th of a second that makes
the difference between victory and defeat. Furutech builds each and every cable
in their line the same way; optimized engineering solutions applied to advanced
materials and processes, backed by utterly meticulous build quality.

beautifully finished precision machined nonmagnetic stainless steel base and top
modules are girdled by a layer of damping carbon fiber. The bottom surface is
covered with 16 concentric cushioning grooves made of an extremely effective
Piezo Electric damping material.

The Piezo Effect and Your Valued
Furutech’s Pure Transmission Piezo Ceramic Carbon series products--like
the Innovations award-winning FI-50 connector series--feature a remarkable
“active system” construction. We create a unique material with two “active”
materials: Nano-sized ceramic particles and powdered carbon. Only nano-sized
ceramic particles effectively couples with carbon powder for the piezo effect to
occur. Nylon and fiberglass are incorporated into the construction as well, and
the whole forms an extremely effective mechanically and electrically damped
material. That’s not a misprint; it’s electrically damped as well.

Piezoelectric effects are the key. Furutech’s employs these nano-sized
polycrystalline ferroelectric ceramic particles exhibiting electro-generative
properties (mechanical pressure creates an electrical charge) with carbon powder
that exhibits thermal-conductive characteristics that interacts with the
electrically charged ferro-ceramic particles converting their energy into heat
that’s conducted away and released from the surface of the material and in doing
so making the connection between electrical and mechanical oscillation. The
mechanical and electrical damping effects occur while “interconverting” thermal,
mechanical, and electrical energy acting as the perfect weighted surface for
your LPs.

That’s how far Furutech goes to achieve Pure Transmission LP
playback, and the Monza.