Speaker Flux 3m
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Top-of-the-Line for 2009! Furutech Speakerflux Cables
Comes Standard with
CF201r Spades for the Amplifier and CF202r Bananas for the Speaker Other
Combinations on Request

The Effective Diameter of Your Music!
The link
between speakers and amplifiers is one of the most critical in a system. Speaker
cables carry high current and require low resistive loss to avoid turning part
of the signal energy into heat; high performance construction techniques call
for large cable diameters or bundles of smaller conductors for an effective
large diameter. Low resistance also keeps an amplifier’s damping factor high
avoiding uncontrolled driver movements.

Furutech specifies α (Alpha) OCC
Pure Transmission conductors terminated with beautifully-engineered
high-performance rhodium-plated nonmagnetic pure copper spade connectors for the
amplifier end and rhodium-plated banana connectors at the other end. Other
connector combinations are available on request. The substantially-built
extremely nonresonant connector bodies are finished in layered carbon fiber and
stainless steel. The dielectric/insulation is high-grade PE reducing capacitance
and improving mechanical damping for greater resolution, clarity, powerful
dynamics, plus an ultra-quiet soundstage in which music develops more fully
without artificial upper-frequency “presence region” glare.

The smooth,
natural, utterly musical presentation is down to meticulous engineering and
careful audition of various suitable materials. These results in the superb
overall balance of qualities that Furutech has long been known for that allows
you to feel, experience and communicate with music.

Available Now in 2m
and 3m Lengths