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Top of the Line for 2009! Furutech Speakerflux Jumper Cables
FP201R Spade
Connectors and FB200BR Banana Connectors

All audiophiles search for the
same qualities: Verisimilitude to the original event, a sense of engagement
promoting suspension of disbelief, a visceral immersion in the audio video
experience. They also know that everything in the signal path makes a
difference, and that includes the jumpers used in biwired speakers

Most jumper cables supplied by speaker manufacturers are adequate
for the job, but Furutech has never subscribed to being merely adequate.
Furutech Speakerflux Jumper Cables use high-purity large diameter 6mm-squared α
(Alpha) conductor for minimal internal impedance. Choose beautifully engineered
FP-201R nonmagnetic pure-copper rhodium-plated spade connectors, or specify
FP200BR nonmagnetic eutectic copper alloy rhodium-plated banana connectors. The
Jumpers feature an insulation/dielectric of high-grade PE that reduces
capacitance and resonance. The jacketing is RoHS-compliant PVC. As with the
Speakerflux, their use results in greater resolution, clarity, more powerful
dynamics, and an ultra-quiet soundstage in which music develops more coherently.