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The Problem Residual magnetism from the powerful permanent magnets in phono cartridges can spread and magnetize adjacent metal parts, with serious consequences for sound quality. MM (Moving Magnet) cartridges accumulate residual magnetism on the pole pieces. In MC (Moving Coil) cartridges, the iron core around which the coils are wound gradually becomes magnetized. In both cases, sonic performance is seriously degraded. The Solution By generating a pure sinewave sweep of decreasing amplitude into the cartridge, the Gryphon Black Exorcist quickly and effectively dispels harmful magnetic build-up in the iron core or other metal parts of any MM or MC phono cartridge. Periodic demagnetizing focuses the magnet뭩 flux and keeps your cartridge fine-tuned. 밒t뭩 a tonic, a device which restores the magnetic properties of your cartridge to a near-new state.?Hi-Fi News, UK. ALWAYS and ONLY connect the Gryphon Black Exorcist to the interconnect leading to your cartridge. The Gryphon Black Exorcist is designed exclusively for demagnetization of phono cartridges and cannot be used for any other purpose. To demagnetize the rest of your audio system, we recommend regular use of the line-level Gryphon Exorcist. For additional information, contact your authorized Gryphon dealer. The Process ?Disconnect the turntable뭩 interconnects at the preamplifier end. ?Connect the Gryphon Black Exorcist to the turntable뭩 interconnects. ?Lower the cartridge so that it rests on a record that is NOT rotating. ?Engage the Gryphon Black Exorcist by pressing the switch. ?Treatment is complete, when the red LED fades after approximately 8 seconds. How often? Your mileage may vary. Some experts recommend treatment every 50 hours, while some serious music lovers demagnetize before every listening session. Use of the Gryphon Black Exorcist cannot harm your cartridge. Scheduling treatment once a week or once a month is probably the best way to remember to use the Gryphon Black Exorcist on a regular basis.