CinemaFlex Bass-Line Subwoofer Interconnect
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CinemaFlex Bass-Line Subwoofer Interconnect

CinemaFlex BassLine interconnects are available as single-ended RCA pairs or balanced XLR configuration. The latter is the CinemaFlex BassLine Sub-woofer interconnect. This is a single cable designed for feeding line-level signals to a powered sub-woofer. Whilst CinemaFlex BassLine differs sonically to our other audio products, it does have a lot of the sonic properties of our very popular Blue Heaven interconnect. However, it is warmer sounding and designed to work extremely well with typical AV amplifiers or receivers. CinemaFlex BassLine cable is designed to compliment our new range of cutting edge video cables. Designed for ease of installation, it is an extremely durable cable and will solve a multitude of installation problems. Its high grade shielded construction means it can be run in tight quarters close to power lines with no problems. Also available is our BSLY BassLine Y adapter for connecting 2 subwoofer cables to a single output.
Insulation: FEP
Conductor: 6 x Solid 24 AWG 99.9999% silver-plated OFC
Capacitance: 43.00pF/ft
DC Resistance: 13.5 ohms per 1000ft/304M as terminated
Shield: 100% Coverage Aluminized Mylar
Dimensions: 1/4 in / 6.55mm wide and 1/16 in / 1.6mm thick