Valhalla 2 Tonearm Cable
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Valhalla 2 Tonearm Cable

The Valhalla 2 Reference Tonearm Cable is designed specifically to pass the most fragile signal in your system. The quality of the conductors, connectors, and the termination itself are all critical to realizing the performance of a high-quality analog replay system. This is especially true since the output of a typical moving-coil cartridge is around 10,000 times smaller than many CD players. The V2 Tonearm Cable’s conductors use the same silver plated, solid 99.999999% OFC copper as the other Valhalla cables but are tuned and configured for their specific task. The following terminations are available: Din-type to HOLO:PLUG™ RCA, Din-type to HOLO:PLUG™ gold plated XLR, and RCA to RCA. An integral earth wire is provided, while balanced terminations are available to special order.

Connectors Available

Five pin  and 90s pin
Insulation: High purity class 1.1 extruded FEP
Construction: Dual Mono-Filament with two layers of silver plated shielding
Conductors: 4 x 22 AWG Solid-core
Drain Wire: 1 x 24 AWG silver plated stranded OFC
Material: 85 microns of silver extruded over 99.999999% OFC
Connectors: HOLO:PLUG™ Gold plated RCA/XLR and both straight and right-angle Din
Dielectric Constant: 1.38
Capacitance and Inductance: Capacitance: 17.0pF/ft Inductance: 0.076 uH/ft
Propagation Delay: 87% speed of light