2 Flat Speaker Cable
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2 Flat Speaker Cable

2 Flat is a unique, ultra flat, extruded speaker cable that is thinner than a credit card. It consists of two rectangular, solid, OFC conductors extruded with a white FEP jacket. The 2Flat has very low inductance and capacitance because of its flat construction.

The excellent sound quality and low signal loss of 2Flat make it ideal for both hi-fi and home theater applications, where long runs for surround channel speakers are required to be discrete, yet offer high performance. Its extremely hard-wearing FEP jacket makes it the perfect choice for installation under carpets and floor coverings, even in high traffic areas.

Connectors Available

Insulation: Extruded FEP
Conductors: 2 x flat rectangular
Material: 99.9999% OFC
Capacitance: 7.0pF / ft
Inductance: 0.17uH / ft
Propagation Delay: 90% speed of light