Valhalla Reference Power Cable
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Valhalla Reference Power Cable

Valhalla Reference Power Cord sets the same benchmark standard in its category as the other Valhalla cables do in theirs. But thanks to the application of our latest dual micro mono-filament technology it enjoys an even bigger margin of performance over the competition.

Connectors Available

Connectors Odin Supreme Reference  Power Cord  Connectors 
Construction: Precision dual micro mono-filament
Insulation: FEP
Conductors: 7 x 16 AWG
Material: 70 microns of Silver extruded over 99.999999% OFC solid cores
Connectors: Gold-plated IEC Wall plugs: US/UK/EUR
Propagation Delay: 91% Speed of light
Power Rating: 60 Amp
Capacitance: 8pF/ft
DC Resistance: 1.3 Ohms per 1000ft/304M as terminated