ATM-2001 Monoblock Poweramplifier
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Air Tight ATM-2001 Monoblock Poweramplifier Features:
Comfortable high-power, thanks to the output stage composed of 12ea X 6550 beam tubes
Massive power supply employing huge EI power transformer and large capacity filter condenser
Optimum operation of each output tube ensured by individually direct coupled cathode-follower circuit
Dual mono design affords affluent high power without extra load on each component
PCB free point-to-point hand wiring
The massive front panel is hand-finished aluminum
  • ATM-2001 Stereo Poweramplifier:
    Valves employed:      6550 x 12,12BH7 x 6, 12AX7 x2,12AU7 x2
    Rated output:             338W (8 Ohms)
    THD:                         less than 1% at rated output
    Frequency response: 20 - 20,0000Hz(±1dB)
    Input impedance:       100k Ohms
    S/N ratio:                  100dB
    Dimensions:              Power supply; 430(W) x 185(H) x 500(D)
                                    Amplifier;        430(W) x 480(H) x 520(D)
    Weight:                     Power supply; 65kgs
                                   Amplifier;         50kgs