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Air Tight ATC-3 Preamplifier features:
SRPP line amp with reinforced buffer stage to assure good noise rejection, low output impedance and extended linearity
Rich power supply featuring quick-recovery diode for high operational speed and low pulse noise
Single-steel sheet with multi-layer enamel for high rigidity and low noise
High-quality input/output jacks with detachable mains cord
Optional "Alps" high-precision pot RK-501

Valves employed : 12AX7(ECC83)×1, 12AU7(ECC82)×2

output voltage : rated 2V, max. 15V

output impedance : 200 ohms

THD : less than 0.01%

Frequency response : 5-100,000Hz (±1dB)

Input sensitivity : 110mv (output 1V)

S/N ratio : less than 90dB (IHF-A weighted)

Dimensions : 430(W)×325(D)×90(H)mm

Weight : 8gs